Pranic Healing! A Way of Life

Pranic healing is based on two Laws. The Law of Self Recovery and Law of Life Energy. Our body has mechanism to recover by itself from physical sickness and emotional disorders. The outside help through any type of treatment only expedites healing process and strengthens the body immune system. Under law of life energy, the body must have life energy to sustain life.

Pranic Healing is an ancient science and art which, over a period, went in to virtual oblivion. This is now resurrected through Master Choa Kok Sui, the principal proponent of Pranic Techniques, a Filipino businessman of Chinese descent. He has been considered world foremost proponent and practitioner of Pranic Healing.

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The art of modern pranic healing aims to help people deal with physical, emotional and mental maladies.

From physical issues like coughs, heart disease and even cancer to mental and emotional disturbances - post-trauma care, maladjustment syndromes and phobias, for example - ‘Healing Hands’ deal with all of them with high degrees of success.